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Sulfonated Asphalt

Upload time:2022/3/17 11:47:08

Implementation standard: Q / S H, 17095-2016


Product performance and quality index: this product is a black powder water dispersion anionic modified asphalt product.

Use: As a drilling fluid treatment agent can effectively seal the formation microcracks, prevent flaking shale collapse, inhibit shale hydration, but also has good lubrication, emulsification, reduce filtration loss and high temperature temperature, can be used in water-based drilling fluid and oil-based drilling fluid.

Packaging and storage: This product packaging with inner polyethylene film bag, outer layer with polypropylene plastic woven bag double layer packaging, or using plastic composite woven bag single layer packaging, stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, strictly prevent heat, damp, prevent sun and rain.

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