Latex asphalt anti-slump agent

Upload time:2022/3/17 11:05:13

Implement the standard Q / SH1020 2316-2015


Product overview: Emulsion asphalt is composed of petroleum asphalt, emulsifier emulsion and other polyacrylic emulsion, which is brown and black glue.This product can inhibit the hydration expansion of mud shale, block the microcracks of mud shale, prevent the collapse of unstable strata, improve the quality of mud cake, and improve the lubrication of drilling fluid.The recommended addition volume is 1% -3%.

Performance characteristics: high asphalt effective content, effective sealing of mud shale pores and microcracks, good water dispersion, uniform dispersion in drilling fluid, no floating solid; good colloid stability, high storage stability, can meet the requirements of low temperature storage, and good compatibility with other treatment agents.

Packaging and storage: This product packaging uses polyethylene plastic bucket or iron bucket, 50kg or 200kg; stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

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