What are the types of oxidized asphalt and construction asphalt?

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Asphalt has been used in construction for thousands oxidized asphalt of years. Back in the Piran period, the cubes had walls and walls, and asphalt was used for exterior maintenance and finishing. Asphalt is sticky and waterproof. It builds walls between stones or bricks, and the asphalt exterior is covered with clay. It protects walls from rain and can also be stained in renovations.

Asphalt is dark brown semi-solid, soft or liquid after heating, strong hydrophobicity, insoluble in water, impermeable, and has excellent waterproof function. Asphalt is used to treat various materials used in building envelopes, and many components are used, such as waterproofing and thermal insulation of external walls and roofs, steel structure building structures, such as anti-corrosion, component spacing, insulation between components, etc.

The main components of bitumen include: bitumen and resin, organic mixture of extracted oil and coal, natural bitumen ore, petroleum bitumen of various origins, coal pitch, natural bitumen, etc. Bitumen is the residue after the distillation of petroleum. Coke pitch is the residual coal after distillation in the coking process. Natural bitumen is made directly from bitumen.

Asphalt is a flammable material that emits toxic fumes and causes pollution when burned.

The use of asphalt in construction requires a oxidized asphalt comprehensive evaluation of its advantages and disadvantages and rational use.

Asphalt for construction depends on its use and has different requirements for asphalt. Therefore, the general equipment is arranged according to the technical requirements. Petroleum bitumen is the product of crude oil processing process and is viscous liquid, semi-solid, black or black solid at constant temperature. It mainly includes hydrocarbons and their derivatives, soluble in trichloroethylene, and their properties and compositions vary with oil sources and mining methods.

2. The petroleum bitumen of this product is the sludge after petroleum distillation. Liquids are semi-solid or solid at temperature, depending on the degree of extraction of the liquid. Petroleum bitumen is black, shiny, high temperature

According to the production method, petroleum asphalt can be divided into: straight-run asphalt, solvent-removed asphalt, oxidized asphalt, mixed asphalt, emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt, etc. According to appearance, it is divided into: liquid asphalt, solid asphalt, diluent, emulsion, modifier, etc.; use: road asphalt, construction asphalt, waterproof asphalt, various special asphalt, named use or function.

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