Properties of Oxidized asphalt and Natural Asphalt

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Natural bitumen is a kind of petroleum resource oxidized asphalt in the stratum. Through billions of years of crustal movement, under the effects of high temperature, high pressure, oxidation, catalyst, bacteria, etc., it is completely oxidized, accumulated, and polymerized to solidify. It is composed of natural asphalt, and it is classified into the field of petroleum asphalt together with asphalt. According to the situation, it can be divided into:


Asphalt Lake; that's a good analogy.

Asphalt ground.

The composition process of natural asphalt is different from the purification process of modern petroleum asphalt, so it has special physical and chemical properties such as high molecular weight, high asphalt viscosity, nitrogen-rich content, low paraffin content, and corrosion resistance.


Coral mineral content

Because natural asphalt contains some mineral components in its composition process, it has been mixed with asphalt for hundreds of millions of years in the form of ultra-fine powder. It has high polarity and is not separated from asphalt. The mineral deposits in natural bitumen are composed of corals. At high temperature, the light part of asphalt can be inhaled by gunpowder, which effectively increases the temperature performance of the mixture. The presence of mineral deposits increases the softening, wear resistance and thickness of the asphalt layer. Thus, it is suitable for travel and high temperature climatic conditions.


high nitrogen content

The presence of N, O, S (sulfur-organosulfur) in the asphalt increases the polarity of the asphalt, greatly improving the seepage, adhesion to oxidized asphalt stone, and oxidation resistance.

The nitrogen content of natural asphalt is several to dozens of times that of general asphalt; nitrogen exists in natural asphalt as a functional substance. Natural bitumen has high moisture and free radical resistance, providing excellent water absorption and anti-aging properties for the mixture. The presence of utility groups and side chains of other elements also contributes to this.


low wax content

Under various conditions, the paraffin content in the natural bituminous crust decreases sharply over time or exists in other ways. This reduces the impact of paraffin on the performance of asphalt, which plays a key role in ensuring that asphalt does not degrade in winter and is not corroded in summer.


high molecular weight

The molecular weight of natural bitumen is very large (generally 8000.000, and the number of petroleum bitumen is generally 3000). The increase in molecular weight increases cohesion. Asphalt has high viscosity and excellent low temperature performance.

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