Sources of Oxidized asphalt and Natural Asphalt

Upload time :2022/8/1 10:11:44

Natural asphalt is a natural product in the oxidized asphalt natural world. In fact, the process of forming natural asphalt is very simple: the oil that penetrates the soil evaporates, easily participates, and then oxidizes under sunlight to combine with minerals such as asphalt, resins, metals and non-metals to form asphalt deposits. .

Through long-term maintenance, many natural asphalts can form a beautiful natural asphalt lake.

According to the classification of natural asphalt molding materials, it can be divided into asphalt, asphalt and slate.

Asphalt mainly consists of cracks in rock or soil. The asphalt ore formed in the rock mass is relatively pure and has high corrosion oxidized asphalt resistance, water resistance, cohesion and other characteristics. Asphalt mines in mixed soils contain many impurities, making selection difficult.

Marine bitumen is mainly composed of natural accumulation and hardening, especially in the form of lakes. Can be used for inks, pigments, varnishes, etc.

In fact, slate can also be called slate womb, which is mainly a high sedimentary rock containing flammable organic matter. It is a non-renewable one-time fossil resource.

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