Oxidized asphalt and which kind of asphalt is more widely used

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Mixing natural asphalt and raw asphalt can oxidized asphalt get inferior hard asphalt. In application, the needle-to-penetration bundle is about 30 1-10mm. Foreign research and engineering applications believe that high melting point natural asphalt can significantly improve the temperature resistance, water resistance and aging resistance of asphalt as a modifier. Among them, aphids and North American natural asphalt are the most experienced and most widely used.

In recent years, my country has proved that Xinjiang, Sichuan and other places are rich in natural stone asphalt resources. However, different natural asphalts have different compositions and physical properties, and the effect of modified petroleum asphalt is also different, which also brings different cost performance.

The asphalt content of the three natural asphalts is obviously different, and the existence and content of some organic insoluble substances are also different, so the modification performance of the basic asphalt will be very different.

Through laboratory stirring and sample making, the needle, softening point and tensile index of natural bitumen partial products were confirmed. The results show that the modified gel degree (penetration index PI) of different types of oxidized asphalt underlying natural asphalt is different, resulting in the modification function mainly in the aspects of consistency and ductility. think about it.

Under the same ratio, the softening point and viscosity of modified Zinchuan asphalt are higher, and the permeability is lower than the other two natural asphalts. The content of 5.10% can change the bitumen within 30 bitumen; however, Algerian and Butonite bitumen requirements exceed 15%. Assume that the penetration rate reaches 25% (assuming that the penetration rate is 25%, the penetration rate of Buton Rock asphalt will not drop below 50 1/10 mm).

It is pointed out that natural asphalts with different components and properties have different solubility and tolerance in the same base asphalt in the same process, and have different asphalt modifications; for some soft natural asphalts, with the addition of hard asphalt content, it can be reduced Value for money.

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