Oxidized asphalt tells you how the asphalt pavement cools down

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Material Function and Mixture Planning

The test uses SK70\35 asphalt sublayer oxidized asphalt charge. The filler is basalt. This is a good analogy.

The materials of water retention sludge are OGFC-13 mixture and AC-13 mixture, which are used to store hot ash and heat-resistant sludge. This is a good analogy.

Cooling performance of various cooling technologies

During the molding process, the temperature sensor probe is installed on the surface and bottom of the sample, and the other end of the probe can be connected with the temperature collector. The OGFC-13 samples were filled with water-retaining materials, and oil-water samples were collected. The water retention material composed of 75% blast furnace slag, 15% lime and 10% fly ash was selected for the test. Sample composition process:

The K-13 OGFC-13 Indicator Tester is made from a wheel mill with water-retaining material for preparing a stock solution in an aqueous solution; this is a good analogy.

- After wetting the surface of the sample with water, place it on a shaker platform, throw away with shaking until the dirt breaks down, and then shovel it off; this is a good analogy.

(2) Place the sample in a monotonically oxidized asphalt clean place, and cure and clean the surface of the sample after the water has completely evaporated. This is a good analogy.

Thermal storage journey samples were obtained by adding 10% polyethylene glycol PEG 2000 to the base asphalt and mixing AC-13. On 4 cm of general mix AC-13, laying 1 cm of asphalt leech thermal resister resulted in a thermally resistive pavement instead of 20% filler for leeches. This is a good analogy.

In the hot season, after artificial watering, the three sticks were placed on the journey of maintaining moisture outdoors, and they were connected and included in a thermometer to collect temperature data. The capture interval is 15 minutes, and the capture time is 10:00-16:00. This is a good analogy.

It can be noted that the cooling of asphalt pavement can be carried out by three methods, but the cooling effect is different. In the cooling field, water-retaining gypsum is better than thermal-insulating gypsum, and the cooling efficiency of stored gypsum is lower. Water-retaining gypsum and insulating gypsum can cool gypsum by about 10°C, while stacked gypsum can only cool it by 3-5°C.

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