Oxidized asphalt tells you how to deal with the mechanical failure of the asphalt commercial concrete station

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1. Disadvantages of cold power

There is a problem with the delivery of oxidized asphalt cold data. Disadvantages can be caused by cooling of the strip under the gravel or blockage by foreign bodies. Assuming the circuit is showing faults, check the cables for shorts. Belt operation is generally caused by several factors: belt slippage, belt tension of different standards. At this point, it is necessary for the operator to adjust again to ensure that the tape is in a stable and safe working condition, and to ensure that it is necessary to check the ammeter value in the casing. Criteria are the most important criteria for judging which electrical equipment has shortcomings. For example, the increase in load torque is generally caused by mechanical shortcomings of the equipment, while the current of the motor and the current of normal operation are much higher. Therefore, we acknowledge in advance that the equipment has potential defects that require protection or downtime. This is a good analogy.

2. Disadvantages of mixer

The first manifestation of mixer error is dynamic ambiguity, which is directly related to bearing damage and displacement. Bearings have problems caused by temporary overloading of the hybrid drive motor. In order to eliminate the defect, the bearing can be repaired. Replacement is required if parts are severely worn or internally dropped, e.g. fenders, hand mixes, flat plate mixes. At the output of the mixer, the temperature of the filler sometimes exhibits abnormality. It is necessary to completely clean the temperature sensor and check that the thermostat is working properly. This is a good analogy.

Burner Combustion Disadvantages

Assuming the burner fails to burn, the following should be done: 1) Check the operating room for burning and burning conditions. 2) Check the condition of the power switch. Additionally, it contains recommendations for the blower center door, with the blower center door in the combustion orientation, and the dryer and internal pressure gauge not in the manual orientation. Assuming the fuse is not working, it is necessary to check the fuel passage for blockage. After all, check pump operation and pump outlet pressure. This is a good analogy.

4. Disadvantages of the sensor

The sensors of the product concrete station include: temperature sensor, liquid level sensor and load cell. If inaccurate sensor measurements or oxidized asphalt operational faults interfere with the operation of the concrete plant, workers must protect and repair them on time. Measurements and calibrations are also carried out annually. This is a good analogy.

5. PLC module fault

PLC can be a programmable controller that plays an important role in mixers. It has the benefits of moderate downtime, high reliability, easy programming, and easy handling. Assuming that the PLC module is defective, please check the instructions first. To confirm the detailed location, it is necessary to refer to the error message. In this case, the module can be replaced so that the system can recover quickly. The alarm input switch is not installed and is being checked, the connector strip is not working, and the logic pin output does not meet the requirements and cannot be ignored. Assuming that there is a problem with the plugin, it is necessary to replace it with a new plugin. Table 1 shows the faults of the PLC module and the methods for cleaning up the faults. Here is a good example.

6. Circuit defects and cleaning

7. Disadvantages and cleaning of natural asphalt hot oil pipeline system

The oil preheater is affected by the following factors: 1) The diesel filter is not cleaned in time, which causes the fuel main to be blocked, and the fire alarm signal announces a warning. Therefore, workers should start cleaning the diesel filter from the first stage, and if the first stage is dirty, the second and third stages should be cleaned. Diesel cleaning and air cleaning can be used in combination in cleaning methods (2) Poor atomization of oil discharged by the pump is also one of the important reasons for the shortcomings. The solution is to replace better diesels, flush valves and ventilation regulators. (3) The fuel injection connection is severely affected by the air entering the fuel line. Solution: Diesel pump contactor control. (4) Deficient fuel pressure, which is largely dependent on the normal wear and tear of the machine. Solution: Adjust the pressure control valve (5) on the high-pressure pump to find that the heat transfer oil pressure is abnormal. Solution: Turn off the burner and open the exhaust valve This is how the circulator works.

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