Brief discussion on the composition of asphalt mastic and gravel mixture pavement (SMA) oxidized asphalt

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Asphalt Stone Mixture (SMA) is a binder composed oxidized asphalt of asphaltite, mineral powder and fiber stabilizer, filled in a mineral aggregate skeleton with different cascades to form a fine skeleton mixture. It consists of two primary parts:

It is a good example of interlacing thick aggregates with a large content to form a structural skeleton with high deformation resistance.

Parchment glue is composed of mineral powder fine filler, asphalt and fiber stabilizer, which binds the skeleton and fills the vacancies of the skeleton, making the mixture more active. This is a good example.

The structure of SMA can be summarized as: "Three or more, namely:

The mixture is a mixture of bituminous mixtures, selected continuously. The proportion of large aggregates larger than 5mm reaches 70.80%, and the powder content reaches 7.13% (the powder bonding ratio exceeds the binding of 1.2). Due oxidized asphalt to the irregular classification, fine aggregates are rarely used; this is a good example.

◎On the one hand, the amount of mineral powder is added, and on the other hand, fiber is used as a stabilizer.

Crimson has a lot of asphalt, up to 6.5-7%, and has a high demand for binders. We should choose asphalt with small needle amount, high softening point, stable temperature and better. This is a good example.

SMA function: Asphalt shoe material is an internationally recognized (widely used) asphalt mixture with high anti-deformation performance and excellent durability. Due to the excellent penetration of the bulk aggregate, the mixture has excellent resistance to thermal cracking. At the same time, its low temperature deformation and water stability were significantly improved due to the adhesion of asphalt oleoresin. Participating fiber stabilizers maintain the high viscosity of the asphalt, excellent for laying and sealing. This is a good example.

The surface is continuously separated to form large porosity, large structural depth and good slip resistance. At the same time, the space between materials is small, which has excellent anti-aging and durability, and overall improves the laying performance of waterproof asphalt mixture.

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