Oxidized asphalt teaches you to use asphalt paver

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Asphalt concrete paver is a high-tech product oxidized asphalt integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and artificial intelligence. With the vigorous development of high-quality highways and urban roads, asphalt tanks occupy an important position in bridge construction, and the requirements for asphalt tanks are also increasing. Come higher. It is especially important to choose a high-tech, reliable, practical and economical asphalt paver. This is a good analogy.

Fundamental mechanical structure and function analysis

1) Hydraulic system

Natural asphalt paver load-bearing systems, such as walking and turning systems, screw and scraper, have undergone changes from mechanical transmission to hydraulic transmission. Hydraulic transmission has the advantages of high transmission power, low efficiency, flexible transmission, excellent control performance and high reliability; the hydraulic system has also undergone changes from the original open-loop system to a closed-loop system. Because of its stable adjustment, scattered components, low power, and difficulty in continuous control, it is gradually replaced by closed-loop systems. This is a good analogy.

(2) The power of movement

The crawler arrangement of large and medium-sized forklifts at home and abroad has low ground pressure, good adhesion, and good pallet laying, which has been widely used; in the past, the combination of hydraulic motor and chain or oxidized asphalt reducer was used for driving, but now hydraulic motor and planetary reduction are used. tandem equipment. The Bustype mobile arrangement is used for small to medium pallets with high flow and low placement area and is widely used on lower racks. This is a good analogy.

3) Electromechanical fluid integration

Modern natural asphalt distributor has developed into an advanced equipment integrating machinery, electronic control, hydraulic transmission and artificial intelligence. Through electronic control, uniform speed distribution, linear motion, steering sliding, partial feed control, vibration setting, roll frequency preselection, ironing, lifting, determination, pressure, decompression, deceleration, stable leveling, fault alarm and fault location can be achieved. This is a good analogy.

4) Constant speed control

The instability of the pallet stacking speed is the main factor affecting the layer lubricity. The main reasons for speed instability are:

Change speed. This is a good analogy.

Volume changes of hydraulic components. This is a good analogy.

Change the speed of the road.

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