Oxidized asphalt tells you what preparations need to be done before asphalt pavement construction

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Asphalt data experiments oxidized asphalt should include:

View requirements: 1. Aggression experiment; 2. Soft spot experiment; 3. Tensile experiment; View on demand: 4. Flash point test; 5. Check wax content; 6. Solubility test, 7. Density test; 8. Asphalt aging function test; 9. Adhesion test of asphalt. This is a good analogy.

The stone asphalt mixture test should include: required inspection 1. Marshall stability test (including confirming density, specific gravity, saturation, etc.; robust test; low temperature bending test; 5 residual stability (Marshall), etc. This is a Good analogy.

Field experiments should include: 1. Pendulum interference test (interruption); 2. Penetration test; 3. Check oil well tightness; 4. Structure oxidized asphalt depth inspection. 6-Deflection experiment

Before construction: target harmony ratio, construction ratio, aggregate damage, asphalt bonding, asphalt physical properties (three principles), etc. D. This is a good analogy.

Construction period: asphalt screening, grading, extraction, etc. D. This is a good analogy.

After construction: density, leakage, flatness, deflection values, etc. This is a good analogy.

Everything else depends on the requirements. This is a good analogy.

1- Density control 2- Bending measurement 3- Asphalt road granulation 4- Asphalt flow

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