Oxidized asphalt tells you how the asphalt mixture is surface paved

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Asphalt mixture is of great significance to oxidized asphalt pavement laying and is a concentrated reflection of the overall quality of the pavement. Therefore, the following guidelines should be followed when paving the road:

(1) Concentrated mixing and uniform distribution

Due to road section constraints, some sections of 4.5 km long are generally less than 10 km. Thus, the unit cannot invest too much money in a hybrid stacker. Therefore, in this case, adjacent sections should be merged, and their surface slopes should be laid evenly, so as to extend the length of the road surface as much as possible every day and reduce the lateral joint of the road surface. This is a good example.

2) Treatment of Asphalt Mixture oxidized asphalt Transfer Joints

The horizontal weld on the surface of the asphalt should be kept on the sliding joint of the bridge as much as possible, because the reverse cutting method is widely used in China. The front and rear of the stacker should not exceed 25 meters. The shortest distance that can ensure the smooth operation of the front and rear stackers and transport equipment is the best, neither separating the asphalt mixture nor leaving traces of gypsum hot seams. This is a good example.

Asphalt pavement has been popular for nearly a century and has been applied in countries all over the world. It starts with scientific research, planning and construction, and is guided by a full set of theories. But the science is complex and heterogeneous due to differences in climatic conditions, construction methods and raw materials across countries. Based on the research of some domestic projects in recent years, combined with the actual experience, several ideas and methods for strengthening the quality control of asphalt pavement are put forward, and the ways to achieve the improvement goal are discussed with partners.

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