Oxidized asphalt teaches you to choose asphalt paver

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Regarding the wider section, for the beauty oxidized asphalt of the vertical seam, I thought that two or more of the same models, turning about 10 meters front and rear is the ambition, and it is not required to cross the batching machine of 12 meters, this is because the wider the tray, The greater the distance through the central batching machine, the more likely the ingredients will be separated.

Australia and some European countries clearly stipulate that the laying machine should not be too wide. For the vast asphalt pavement, Australia also uses multiple pallets for laying. If the asphalt mixture is separated, it will have a great impact oxidized asphalt on the quality of the asphalt pavement. This is a good analogy.

Partial excess concentration of fine or coarse materials will lead to a decrease in thermal stability and low durability of the same road section. This is a good analogy.

In addition, the asphalt surface layer advocates the use of double rammer pallets. I personally know that many pavement experts in other provinces, including Hebei and Jiangxi provinces, believe that ABC pallets are significantly better than other pallet equipment, because ABC itself has a double hammer vibrator. . After paving, the initial density of asphalt is high after paving, which makes it difficult for the first batch of light rollers to change the shape of the road surface and can provide the best pressure.

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