Oxidized asphalt tells you what is the reason for the bulging phenomenon of rock asphalt

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Asphalt is a kind of asphalt used for paving asphalt oxidized asphalt pavement. With the extensive construction of roads, asphalt pavement often appears, but with the extensive paving of asphalt pavement, there are corresponding problems in asphalt pavement. Asphalt pavement is a kind of ubiquitous asphalt swelling. Phenomenon. To eradicate this phenomenon, it is necessary to understand its causes in advance in order to find a reasonable solution.

hardware problem

Asphalt rock has low permeability and cannot breathe, which leads to swelling. Generally speaking, there is no problem with the data of the general data factory, but small-scale sampling is required before construction. Through the test, large-scale construction can be carried out. It is necessary for the test to be carried out in batches. If there is a problem, the small sample is subjected to a second test and a comparison test to identify the problem.

primary issue

Before carrying out the project, it is necessary to carry out special cleaning of the soil that seeps out of sand and the foundation that does not satisfy the stability. Basement sand flow can cause pseudo-viscosity of the formation, and the little durability of stony bitumen can come off the foam. In addition, before construction, it is necessary to oxidized asphalt ensure that dust and oil in the soil are removed. The presence of dust directly reduces the ability of rocks to correct asphalt pavement, and the presence of oil affects the condensation of materials. The foundation must be dry and waterproof, and completely dry before construction. For example, it is necessary to conduct special operations in the ravines that cannot be ignored.

construction problem

Construction workers must operate according to their skills. During the construction process, it is necessary to ensure the execution of each operation, rather than simply installing plastic floor slabs, such as: stone asphalt asphalt pavement cleaning site, it is necessary to dry before each operation, and Mix strictly according to the proportion of ingredients.

Therefore, the expansion of asphalt pavement is mainly due to materials, foundations and construction works. Therefore, these three aspects should be paid attention to in the construction process. In addition, we also have to conduct a comprehensive reorganization based on the construction environment to prevent the quality of rock asphalt from deteriorating.If you have any other questions, please contact us for oxidized asphalt details or contact us directly.

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