Oxidized asphalt tells you the difference between colored asphalt and black asphalt

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At present, colorful asphalt is a new type of oxidized asphalt pavement material. Colorful asphalt is environmentally friendly, with strong water absorption and good water permeability, which can effectively reduce the area of rain and snow, water accumulation and icing. Therefore, in the current market, colorful asphalt is gradually replacing the traditional black asphalt. What is the difference between colorful asphalt and black asphalt?

Colorful asphalt, also known as colorful cement, is part of road materials, and there are currently two types:

1. Colorless adhesive materials (impure color, dark brown, lighter color), colorful asphalt is made of added colorful powders, you can choose the detailed colors of different color powders, colorless adhesive materials can be obtained from asphalt, also Lightweight polymers such as petroleum resins can be used;

2. After the direct modification of asphalt, the cement has good asphalt aging performance, and the color is brown-red.

What are the advantages of colorful asphalt?

Good waterproof and anti-skid performance: colorful asphalt has good permeability, no large area of water accumulation on the road surface, oxidized asphalt good anti-skid performance, can effectively shorten the braking interval and improve driving safety.

Short construction period: high construction efficiency and high construction efficiency, effectively reducing traffic delays caused by construction.

Good noise reduction: the aggregate structure can transmit noise information, and the asphalt paving in the cement paver can effectively reduce noise by about 3-4dB.

Good visual effect: The painted asphalt makes the pavement not monotonous and spotty, which greatly improves the image of the pavement.

Colorful asphalt skills: cold-painted colorful paint, hot-mixed colorful paint.

Compared with black asphalt, the content of volatile hydrocarbons in colored asphalt is relatively low, volatile chemicals are not easy to pollute the environment at high temperature, and do not produce heat island effect, and colored asphalt modified materials can also reduce dust and noise.

In most cities, people often use colorful asphalt bottles, such as sidewalks in parks, colorful zebras on bridges and colorful asphalt roads.If you have any oxidized asphalt other questions, please contact us for details or contact us directly.

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