Oxidized asphalt tells you what to pay attention to when paving asphalt pavement

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1- Asphalt pallets should eradicate the bottom layer oxidized asphalt to keep the top of the bottom layer clean and free of water before initial construction. Before completing the formation, pay attention to the location of the cracking of the substrate (fiberglass grating can be laid to reduce the risk of cracking in the asphalt pavement in the future).

2- Beware of oil layer exudation. Other parts directly related to the road surface and asphalt should be placed in appropriate places to prevent water from entering the roadbed and damaging the roadbed and the road surface will sink.

3- Paving asphalt pavement pallets should take into account the thickness of the mud sealing layer. It should not be too thick or too thin. Assuming too thick, the bitumen is difficult to be damaged and causes some quality problems.

4- Asphalt mixture for asphalt pavement: It is necessary for the asphalt mixture to be equipped with qualified personnel to control the outlet temperature of the asphalt station, the proportion of the mixture and the stone mixture.

5 Asphalt delivery: The vehicle compartment should be coated with insulating or anti-corrosion components, and the asphalt insulation should be reached with a tarpaulin. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the asphalt paver, it is necessary for oxidized asphalt vehicles to be compared at intervals from the asphalt station to the paving address.

6- Asphalt pavement tray: Before paving, it is necessary to preheat 0.5-1 hour before the temperature reaches 100°C. Only after placing the computer board and 3-5 trucks can the initial laying work in the cargo box be carried out. During the camping process, it is necessary to make up for the non-mechanical camping area in time, and it is forbidden to dump materials.

7- Asphalt pallet sealing: general asphalt concrete sealing can use steel rollers, tire rollers, etc. D, the final pressure should not be lower than 70℃, and the initial pressure temperature should not be lower than 135℃; the modified asphalt cannot be destroyed by the busbar cathode, the final pressure temperature should not be lower than 90℃, and the initial pressure temperature should not be lower than 150℃. In the case of a drum, the drum can be compacted with a tamping machine or a small drum.

8- Asphalt repair or open-air transportation of asphalt subgrade pallets: In principle, after the asphalt subgrade pallets are laid, they must be opened to traffic for 24 hours. Assuming that it is indeed necessary to turn the car flow early, it can be cooled by sprinkler water, and then wait until the temperature is below 50℃ to turn the car flow.If you have oxidized asphalt any other questions, please contact us for details or contact us directly.

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