Oxidized asphalt teaches you to control the quality of asphalt pavement

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1) Before construction, it is necessary to check the oxidized asphalt origin and quality of materials. Applicable to important materials such as asphalt and aggregate, it is necessary for the supplier to submit a formal statement of the new test. It is necessary for the materials imported from abroad to be submitted by the method of the shipping note for these materials. All materials must be inspected according to the sampling requirements, so that the order can meet the quality requirements.

2) All materials must be inspected in batches before the start of construction, and materials that do not meet the technical requirements of the specification shall not enter the site. Each batch consists of the same specification purchased from the same source and shipped to the site; bitumen consists of the same batch of bitumen purchased from the same source and stored in the same storage tank. The quantity and frequency of sampling of material experiments are recognized by the current experimental regulations.

(3) Before the project is opened, it is necessary to identify the storage location of materials and the method of rain and drainage. If the materials do not meet the rules, they are not allowed to enter the construction site. The origin, type and quality of all materials entering the site must meet the requirements of bidding and supply of samples, and oxidized asphalt the use of materials that do not meet the requirements is prohibited.

4) Modified asphalt requirements for processing products Suppliers should submit the quality inspection report of the modifier and main asphalt used. On-site use of modified asphalt requires experience in the production of modified asphalt. The quality is not suitable for use.

Asphalt Pavement Construction

(5) Before starting construction, it is necessary to debug asphalt mixing and construction machinery and equipment such as buildings, stackers, road rollers, etc., and carefully check and calibrate the matching machinery and equipment, technical functions, and sensor measurement accuracy.

In terms of road asphalt, before it is officially put into use, the experimental results of various raw materials and the corresponding calculation results of the interaction between planning and production should be submitted to the customer within the prescribed time.If you have any other questions, please contact us for oxidized asphalt details or contact us directly.

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