Oxidized asphalt tells you why the colored asphalt road is uneven

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The unevenness of the non-ferrous asphalt oxidized asphalt coating is due to the cracking and loosening of the ground part, as well as the gradual formation of bunkers under the action of natural elements such as passenger flow and rainwater. Let's understand the reasons for the uneven coating of colorful asphalt materials.

The thickness of the pavement is uneven, and the lower layer of the pavement is not carefully conditioned, resulting in the inability of the colorful asphalt material of a single part of the thickness, poor durability, and potholes extruded by heavy-duty vehicles;

The second is poor cohesion. Mixing and accumulating the mixture, the soil surface contains impurities such as dirt and dust, so that the surface colored asphalt material cannot be beneficially bonded, and then the coating is simply loose and the bearing quality is not high, only from the tires. squeezed out of oxidized asphalt the tunnel;

The third is water damage. This kind of pothole is paved with colorful asphalt material. It is just covered. It is often in the pothole. Because the colorful asphalt material is initially dry, some gaps inside are still mixed with water and soil, and the water stays In the middle layer, when the filler is separated from the non-ferrous asphalt material, not all the asphalt and charge collected under the action of gravity can be subjected to the bottom force. In this way, the pavement is diluted, the durability and bearing quality of the pavement are reduced, and the The pavement of tinted asphalt material becomes so soft that it forms pits continuously, like a solution in water;

Asphalt road Oil spill damage, just like water damage, after the mud is diluted, in order to damage the road surface during the operation of the vehicle carrying heavy objects, the oil droplets left are soaked in the surface of the road by the diluted colorful asphalt. The bond strength will decrease, the strength of the colorful asphalt will decrease, and the sediment in the pavement will disperse and form depressions.If you have any other questions, please contact us for oxidized asphalt details or contact us directly.

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