Oxidized asphalt tells you how to repair cracks

Upload time :2022/4/15 14:37:14

Cracks appear in the green trough during operation. These oxidized asphalt cracks not only affect the aesthetics, but also affect the life cycle of the entire journey. So how to correct them?

1. Seal test: According to the condition of the plasterer, the general correction plan is confirmed.

2. Preparation: Check the sealer and seal, advocate the sealer, heat the sealant to the temperature required for construction. During the heating process, pull the shutter of the machine into the machine, and immerse the sealant, insulation column, safety sign, cutter, thermal sprayer, etc. in .D. Get in the car, pull to the reserved construction address, and close the construction area by half the journey width.

3. Slotting: The depth of the slot is adjusted oxidized asphalt according to the alloy specification, and then the slot is machined.

4. Seam Removal: Within 10 cm of both ends of the crack, use a hair dryer to completely clean the slag and dust.

Sealing: Heat the opened recovery with a hot nozzle when the temperature is below 7°C to improve the adhesion of the sealant; if there is moisture in the tank, use a hot spray to drape it. After heating, inject the sealant evenly In the groove, push the sealant layer with a certain width and thickness at both ends of the crack.

Repair: After welding, the sealant must be completely cooled, and the residue on the road surface must be cleaned before the transport machine is adjusted. Usually 18 minutes. Detailed opening hours are selected by temperature.If you have any other questions, oxidized asphalt please contact us for details or contact us directly.

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