Oxidized asphalt takes you to understand what needs to be paid attention to when laying asphalt

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When laying asphalt, we need to pay attention to oxidized asphalt many issues to ensure the development of the project and the safety of the workers. Below, a small piece of natural asphalt material will show you what to look out for when laying asphalt.

1. All asphalt workers must undergo a medical examination.

2. Asphalt works must cover the outer appearance of the skin. Medical staff must be present.

3.90 Asphalt workers must insist on meeting. Discourage getting dressed or going home to the dorm.

4. Asphalt heating and mixing are best located in less populated outdoor locations. For a more useful mix of equipment, dust-proof equipment should be added.

5. All workers who participate in asphalt oxidized asphalt construction must understand and master the function and function of asphalt, as well as work clothes, scarves, masks, goggles, gloves, thick leather work shoes, etc. Carry. D. Sandals, shoes, clothes, short sleeves, shorts, skirts, etc. This is severely deterred. D.

6. Operation of asphalt spreader: slack off special investigations on the construction site, eradicate obstacles on the construction site, refuel in the working area, no one is allowed to enter, prevent open fire on the construction site, check the arrangement, equipment spraying, protection and firefighting equipment is abundant and useful , the asphalt barrel is heated with a solid blowtorch. It is necessary to open a chimney hole in the asphalt tank, and the burner can be turned on after the liquid asphalt is immersed in the pipeline.If you have any other oxidized asphalt questions, please contact us for details or contact us directly.

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