Oxidized asphalt takes you to understand the distribution of natural asphalt

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my country's natural asphalt is mainly distributed in oxidized asphalt the Longmen Mountains of Sichuan and the mountainous areas of Guangzhou. Experts call it "my country's first black mine" with reserves exceeding 10 million tons. Some minerals have softening points as high as 300°C, which is rare in asphalt. They are special bitumens that are highly oxidizing. Petroleum bitumen is difficult to achieve this degree of oxidation in industrial production. The macromolecular structure of this asphalt is messy, but its performance is stable. Natural bitumen MX consists of bitumen with a molecular weight of up to 10,000, consisting of carbon (81.7%), hydrogen (7.5%), oxygen (2.3%), nitrogen (1.95%), sulfur (4.4%), aluminum (1.1%), silicon (0.18%) %) and other metals (0.87%).

The content of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur is very high, and almost every large bitumen molecule has a polar functional group containing the above elements, so it can produce strong adsorption on the rock surface. The experimental data show that there is free adsorption and adsorption on the surface of silicate rock, oxidized asphalt quartzite, limestone, rock and silica. It is several times higher than ordinary asphalt and has excellent wear resistance

At the same time, natural asphalt contains many organic chains that allow the polymerization of reactive groups (carboxyl, carbonyl, aldehyde, naphthalene, etc.) With regard to petroleum asphalt, the structure and network structure (knots and thicknesses) improve asphalt adhesion, improving asphalt flow, oxidative capacity, adhesion, and thermal sensitivity, especially on driveways. In addition, it has remarkable properties.

Ulwo was once known as the only natural bitumen mine in my country [2], and the existing resources are limited. With the deepening of oil and gas field exploration, natural asphalt minerals in Qingchuan, Sichuan have attracted extensive attention from asphalt experts at home and abroad and scholars of solid fuel deposits in my country. Sichuan stone and asphalt is becoming a new field for energy and mineral investment and development of new technologies and materials. By the end of 2013, the journey length of Qingchuan asphalt in my country has exceeded 3,000 kilometers, such as Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Eaton River Bridge, Shanghai Manufacturing, Chuanlei, Lego Speed, etc.If you have any other questions, please oxidized asphalt contact us for details or contact us directly.

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